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Product Liability:
An Overview

People who are injured by defective products often first blame themselves for the injury. After the initial trauma, both the injured person and family members start to think about how the injury occurred and whether it could have been avoided. Most of our clients also want to try to make sure the injury they suffered won’t happen to someone else.

Hazardous or inadequately labeled products can and do cause serious injuries. At Heller, Gallagher & Finley, L.L.P., we represent those who have been injured or killed because of a defective or unreasonably dangerous product, including injuries arising out of:

  • dangerous or defective appliances
  • defective car seats
  • defective manufacturing
  • defective product design
  • defective seatbelts and airbags
  • defective tires
  • defective vehicle components
  • fireworks
  • hazardous children’s toys
  • hazardous or defective household products
  • inadequate labeling
  • inadequate product warnings
  • jet ski claims
  • misuse by a third party
  • mixing machines
  • pharmaceuticals and medical devices
  • pool filters
  • recalls
  • SUV rollovers
  • toxic exposure
  • workplace equipment defects

Under product liability law, anyone in the distribution chain can be held liable for a dangerous or defective product. This includes the manufacturer, a manufacturer of component parts, the wholesaler and the retail store that sold the product.

At Heller, Gallagher & Finley, L.L.P., we know how to identify all potentially responsible parties and determine whether foreseeable hazards were ignored or overlooked.

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